Ali Matthews' music touches the soul providing both comfort and guidance”. 

Larry LeBlanc, Billboard Magazine

...I’m so happy that God has put Ali’s voice into this world.”
Larry Norman

A passionate and soothing voice...musical arrangements fresh, interesting and beautifully integrated.”
Loreena McKennitt

Since the release of her debut CD in 2000 I have followed Ali’s musical career with great interest. I’ve been very impressed, not just with her artistry, but with her level of commitment and her willingness to invest countless hours in the pursuit of excellence. The results of this pursuit are evident. Ali’s songwriting and vocal abilities have progressed at a rapid pace… her future is very bright indeed.”
Jim Vallance, Producer / Songwriter (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Heart)

"Matthews' softly soaring voice illuminates each melody with lucid maturity and sensitivity. Her vocals are both vulnerable and knowing, finely attuned to life's struggles and hopes."
Taylor Guitars, California

Ali Matthews is an artist who shoots from the heart. It would be impossible for her to hit a false or contrived note.”
Rick Whelan, The Toronto Star

"Songbird, Ali Matthews...There's star-power in Stratford beyond the Festival's stage."
The London Free Press

As a media company that specializes in digitized music content, Ali and her band faced two sizable audience challenges. The first is the fact that we have very knowledgeable music critics and not surprisingly, a disproportionately high number of accomplished musicians within the organization. With those challenges before her, Ali and her band delivered an absolutely incredible performance. The feedback from the evening’s concert has been incredibly positive. I have always thought there was no silver bullet for increasing company morale but Ali has proved that theory incorrect.”
Craig Wallace, President & CEO, AOL Canada Inc.

"By turns elegant and inspirational, Matthews never allows the spiritual nature of her songs to degenerate into preachy musical dogma. This is music that speaks to the soul through the ear, whether you call it folk, country, pop or sacred."
Robert Reid, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"...remarkably poised and confident... her voice is expressive, distinctive and clear, filtering her lyrics through a personality that is both likable and sincere... her melodies are fresh, original and engaging: more than that, they're memorable... by any standards this is among the very best singer-songwriter releases in quite some time."
Ken Mavor, Audio File

"...Another notch on the great Canadian singer-songwriter stick”
Neil Matheson, Music

"This musical duo is turning heads with their silky acoustic sounds. Both produce their art effortlessly, the sign of true finesse. With ease, they turn a jaded observer into an instant fan."
Jim Hagarty, Editor, Stratford City Gazette

"Ali's music is a lot like her faith - raw, intimate and infectious. Her songs not only entertain - they inspire"
Michael Bannerman, Singer / Songwriter (Lost Coin)

The ethereal spirituality of a Loreena McKennitt or a Christian Shawn Colvin permeates this disc... There's something of that "little girl wishing," quality, inside the adult voice of Matthews that brings both those singers to mind. That being said, she's managed to carve out her own unique territory within that tradition...Together with her playing partner and co-producer, Rick Francis, they create a shimmering interweaving of two guitars amid the other acoustic and electronic instruments. It's a full, soaring, airy, searching sound...It's like a good black gospel record-only in a completely different way.
Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs (Canada's Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine)

"This CD delves into the spiritual without ever getting maudlin, and carries itself with grace and wonder"
Alex Sinclair, Songwriter / Musician (Tamarack)

It’s hard to not think that Ali Matthews is now an artist ready for an international audience.”
James Linderman

What’s so striking about her work is that the songwriting doesn’t follow the expected course. Instead, she infuses her personal journey into these songs, which makes their spirituality all the more vibrant.”
Christa Banister, Christianity Today

Her vocals and her songwriting both contain a quality of wise maturity, soothing in the extreme.”
Kevan Breitinger, Suite

Her ability to reach those both inside the kingdom, and those watching curiously over the fence, should help her reach the wide audience she deserves.”
D. S. Martin, Christian Week

"Having Ali Matthews perform and minister at our church was a pleasure.  If I had to use one word to describe her ministry, it would be integrity ... integrity in quality of music and sincerity of heart.  Rarely have I seen these two qualities in such balance.  If you're looking for someone that can bring professionalism and heart, Ali is the one."
Danton Lalonde, Pastor, South City Church, Calgary